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Thread: Project 52: Index and FAQ

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    Project 52: Index and FAQ

    What is Project 52?
    The idea is that each member sets themself a target to publish a picture a week, for 52 weeks, that stretches their photographic skills, or develops them throughout the year of 2012.

    How can I start?
    1) Click this link; in the new tab/window that opens, click the "+ Post New Thread" button.
    2) Title the thread "Project 52 by <first/full name> (<CiC username>)"
    3) Ideally, write a few words on how you will be using Project 52 to improve your skills in 2012
    4) Add your first picture (or do it later in week)

    What happens 'next' week?
    You reopen your thread and post into it again
    If you click "Go Advanced", you can edit the new post's title to put in the week number if you wish

    Any tips on getting the best from this?
    It would be helpful to say a few words in each week's photo post of what you were trying to achieve that week, and note any successes or known failures and provide the basic shooting information
    You can bookmark/favorite your thread in your browser for easy relocation (e.g. to add next week's photo post)
    You can put a "My Project 52 thread" link to it in your Signature, so it appears at the bottom of every post you make in the forum (for others to see your progress)
    You will be able to use the new Lytebox to step through all images in the thread as it builds week by week

    Any rules to follow?
    Let's call them guidelines, not rules;
    Ideally the photo you publish each week should be taken in the last 7 days or so
    However, your personal aim might be to develop certain PP skills, so this is not mandatory
    Comments and constructive replies in a members thread are acceptable (we're all here to learn)
    However, since these threads will build over time to become a record of each member's photographic progression, it would be preferrable not to re-process and re-post another member's photo in their thread (or add any of your own images), as this will confuse things
    Members can request variation from these guidelines in the first post of their thread, but be advised some may not seem them (or these guidelines for that matter), so please be tolerant if someone doesn't adhere to them, you can always PM me for help if it is a problem.

    How do I know who is taking part?
    I (Dave Humphries) will update the second post in this thread with links to everyone's threads, do send me a PM (after a couple of days) if I miss yours

    Is there a weekly Theme?
    No, but if you feel you need one, feel free to set yourself one.
    Some ideas might be something based on the week number, or a letter of the alphabet, or perhaps an international event that week.

    Where did this idea come from?
    The original suggestion was made here, please post any comments and queries there too, as this thread is closed. The discussion thread, if read fully, explains how we got to these guidelines, your query may be answered there.

    Thank you and enjoy yourselves,
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    Re: Project 52: Index and FAQ

    Index of members participating;

    Project 52 by Al (snarkbyte)

    Project 52 by Andrew Del Net (Andrew76)

    Project 52 by Bill S (ktuli)

    Project 52 by Bob Murphy (murfdogg645)

    Project 52 by Bob R (SpiderBob)

    Project 52 by Bryan (BJ Denning)

    Project 52 by Carolyn (Bunty Plumchip)

    Project 52 by Cheryl (ceecee)

    Project 52 by Chris (Minichris)

    Project 52 by Chuck Schneebeck (Teton Chuck)

    Project 52 by Craig (Craig3070)

    Project 52 by Cyndi (azsage)

    Project 52 by Dave Humphries

    Project 52 by Dora (dulceza)

    Project 52 by Frank Miller (FrankMi)

    Project 52 by Gary (oldgreygary)

    Project 52 by Geoff F

    Project 52 by Gillie (gilliebg)

    Project 52 by Girish A (jeechu1970)

    Project 52 by Greg (Gregj1763)

    Project 52 by Hasso Hirvesoo (HaSSo)

    Project 52 by Hugo

    Project 52 by Jan

    Project 52 by Jazzy S

    Project 52 by John B. Harle (johnbharle)

    Project 52 by John Silk (JPS)

    Project 52 by Julia (Juliac)

    Project 52 by Kerry S (Kezmal)

    Project 52 by Kristianna-Marie (Kris V)

    Project 52 by Lora (Loradora)

    Project 52 by Mal Schulstad (Goldcoastgolfer)

    Project 52 by Mark von Kanel

    Project 52 by Mark (WhiteD3)

    Project 52 by Mike (Myk)

    Project 52 by Mike (Sidekick)

    Project 52 by Mike Ver Velde (Harpo)

    Project 52 by Muriel

    Project 52 by Nicola

    Project 52 by Peter (Letrow)

    Project 52 by Paul (Salemslot)

    Project 52 by Peter (Ricco)

    Project 52 by Rebecca Humphries (beckyhumphries)

    Project 52 by Rhonda C (kayeseyes)

    Project 52 by Richard Crowe (rpcrowe)

    Project 52 by Rob Douglas

    Project 52 by Robert Farkas (PhotoRob)

    Project 52 by Ron Atkinson (ronno13)

    Project 52 by Ron (ronlane)

    Project 52 by Ryo

    Project 52 by Sahil Jain

    Project 52 by Sam Smith

    Project 52 by Scott Benz (epmi314)

    Project 52 by Teresa (GaelicSea)

    Project 52 by Toby Leeson (Tobman)

    Project 52 by Trina

    Project 52 by Wendy (ScoutR)

    Project 52 By Wendy Stanford
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    Re: Project 52: Index and FAQ

    Well done everyone.

    So far, during the first week, we have 33 signed up participants.

    For any new members joining CiC during 2012, or those that didn't see this early enough to start at week 1, please don't let that stop you joining now (i.e. whenever you read this weeks or months later), we'd love to have your contribution.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Project 52: Index and FAQ

    Hi all,

    I thought a "look up" of dates to P52 week numbers might be handy, especially for anyone (like me) constantly with a backlog of weeks and playing catch up, or resuming after a break (it is allowed).

    It all started on Sunday 1st January, so the weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, but I found even week numbers easy to track from, so;
    Week 01: from Sunday 01 Jan
    Week 02: from Sunday 08 Jan
    Week 04: from Sunday 22 Jan
    Week 06: from Sunday 05 Feb
    Week 08: from Sunday 19 Feb
    Week 10: from Sunday 04 Mar
    Week 12: from Sunday 18 Mar
    Week 14: from Sunday 01 Apr
    Week 16: from Sunday 15 Apr
    Week 18: from Sunday 29 Apr
    Week 20: from Sunday 13 May
    Week 22: from Sunday 27 May
    Week 24: from Sunday 10 Jun
    Week 26: from Sunday 24 Jun
    Week 28: from Sunday 08 Jul
    Week 30: from Sunday 22 Jul
    Week 32: from Sunday 05 Aug
    Week 34: from Sunday 19 Aug
    Week 36: from Sunday 02 Sep
    Week 38: from Sunday 16 Sep
    Week 40: from Sunday 30 Sep
    Week 42: from Sunday 14 Oct
    Week 44: from Sunday 28 Oct
    Week 46: from Sunday 11 Nov
    Week 48: from Sunday 25 Nov
    Week 50: from Sunday 09 Dec
    Week 52: from Sunday 23 Dec
    Week 53: from Sunday 30 Dec - rats, now we gotta call it "Project 53"

    Good luck everyone, keep up the good work, we are all learning from each other.


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