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Thread: Project 52 by loradora

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    Project 52 by loradora

    My goal is to learn something new each week. I will start by reading the manual that came with my camera. Actually, I will start by looking for it!

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    Re: Project 52 by loradora

    Welcome to CiC, loradora!

    An excellent P52 starting point! If you can't locate the manual you will likely be able to download a copy from the Web.

    As you go back for the second review, try getting some practice shots with each of the setting combinations you are learning.

    Although it will take some time and practice to achieve, the ultimate goal should be to be able to quickly reconfigure the settings while looking through the viewfinder so that you don't miss a great shot!

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    Re: Project 52 by loradora

    Here is a shot I took last week. There are a lot of ruined farmhouses around this area.

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