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Thread: HTC One Camera Noise

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    HTC One Camera Noise

    Hi all, this is my first post and I am far from a photographer but I have been researching a problem with the camera on the new HTC One smartphone camera and ran into an article on this website

    There seems to be problems with low light. The manufacturer says software will fix it, but a bunch of people think its a failed sensor. On a forum I am a member of there were 456 people polled and 389 are having the problem.

    In a nutshell, does anyone here know what possible component or software would cause this? Only seems to happen in low light conditions. The screen starts out black and slowly bleeds into what the pic I attached shows. It will also show blue noise in darker areas of lit rooms, but mainly stays that magenta color in very dark areas.

    There has to be a case where a DSLR camera has had this condition right? :-)

    If you need any specifics let me know!

    4MP backside-illuminated HTC 1/3" CMOS sensor
    F2.0 aperture
    28mm equivalent focal length
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    Re: HTC One Camera Noise

    The manufacturer's forum would be the best source to analyze the problem but, you and each of the members polled should try to determine if you are all shooting under the same conditions, outdoors/indoors, what is the available light source, does the camera have a night mode or ISO setting, etc. What software are you using to view the image?

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    Re: HTC One Camera Noise

    I'm not familiar with that particular device, but in general, tiny sensors on camera phones and low light usually produce a VERY noisy outcome. As a rule, they're really only suitable for taking images in good to great lighting conditions.

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