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Thread: Capturing powerful yet casual shot-posing tips

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    Capturing powerful yet casual shot-posing tips

    Hi all. I'm looking for advice on posing and setting a scene.
    I'll be doing a photo shoot for a business coach soon.
    We discussed it and will be going for a balance between a formal powerful look but casual enough as to keep a personal feel.
    Does anybody have any posing/scene tips?

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    Willie or Jiro is fine by me.

    Re: Capturing powerful yet casual shot-posing tips

    The personality of the individual you are shooting, his work environment, and his attitude would determine how you will conceptualize the photo shoot. Don't forget to bring reflectors, strobes if you have, and CTO gels (if you're shooting outdoors). I would probably recommend putting him in his working environment as one option. Second would be on something that he is passionate about (like something that he possess or a hobby), and lastly would be something that would show him in a relaxed, unforced look. Just some wild idea from a guy with too much coffee on him.

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