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Thread: Food photography: video from Deutsche Welle

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    Food photography: video from Deutsche Welle


    Here is a video from Deutsche Welle website about a food photographer.

    What do you think about it? I think that it should be possible to have nice images of food without spoiling it. For those who blame post-processing for faking beauty of people, how about pre-processing of food photography?

    Have nice photos and good apettite!

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    rob marshall

    Re: Food photography: video from Deutsche Welle

    Very interesting to see Frauke's techniques. It just demonstrates how you need to be so precise and controlled when shooting this type of subject - and, I suppose, any other subject. It's all very well to say that certain photographers have 'talent' or 'a good eye', but a lot of it is often down to simply good planning and care.
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    Re: Food photography: video from Deutsche Welle

    Wow...very interesting...anyone have more details about this?
    Really love to learn this :-)

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    Re: Food photography: video from Deutsche Welle

    At some point during the fast food part (4:30) she mentions that food photography was very demanding/meticulous, but "these days things are not so extreme..." and never explains why. Food companies just do not care as much as before? Has research shown that it is not worth the time and money?
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