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Thread: Babbling Brook

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    Babbling Brook

    I found a little babbling brook on a recent camping trip. Unfortunately it was very dark and I didn't have a tripod with me, so I had to crank the ISO and use a less than ideal shutter speed for a hand held its not as sharp as it could be. I chose to do a minimal amount of post production sharpening because of noise concerns from the high ISO and because the composition is very busy and I didn't want to add to that.

    I am pleased with the composition. I think it has balance in the chaos. Thanks for looking.

    C & C welcome.

    Babbling Brook

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    Re: Babbling Brook

    Hi Debbie.

    I agree with you on the composition. The frame does work well from where I am looking but it really was a shame not to have been prepared and have that tripod because these kind of shots, when taken with care are just beautiful.

    That said, some work could be done in post to bring in the darks a bit and really get those green mossy rocks i nto play. They are there but it are very easily missed. I love to see the moss stand out and hit you, but not too bright!

    SO, I think I would play with tose areas, maybe to see more of the shadows and black areas (just a little) and bring out those greens more.

    Just my opinion though. But as stated, great frame and comp.

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