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Thread: Viewfinder cleaning

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    Viewfinder cleaning

    We all cringe at the prospect of cleaning our sensor, I did mine last night, 3 hours and finally it is spot free (I think).
    What about those spots in the view finder, tey don't affect the photo but gee they are annoying, what is the best way to clean the inside of a viewfinder on a Nikon D7000

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    Re: Viewfinder cleaning

    The spots on the viewfinder are usually just a bit of dust and dirt on the surface of the focusing screen. A few puffs of air from a blower bulb or a can of compressed gas that is sold for cleaning is all I've ever used.

    If the dirt has gotten between the screen and the pentaprism or pentamirror, the screen has to be removed and cleaned, but I've never had to do this.

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