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Thread: Playing with lighting - C&C Welcome

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    Playing with lighting - C&C Welcome

    Haven't had to time to run it through photoshop to clean it up a bit but thought I would throw it out there and see what you guys think. First attempt at landscape photography with my new Nikon 3100. Thanks!

    Playing with lighting - C&C Welcome

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    Re: Playing with lighting - C&C Welcome


    I think all that can be said at this stage is that it has the makings of a very decent image. But until you carry our post-processing work on it I think it's unfair to offer a critical analysis.

    It does need, I'd suggest perspective correction to get the verticals vertical and I would want to get rid of that tree trunk encroaching at the left-hand edge.

    The I think you can get on to looking at the lighting and how you can make adjustments to finish the image.

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