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Thread: Quadcopter Flyer

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    Quadcopter Flyer

    I took this photo 2 weeks ago and it was my first time to see an RC Quadcopter so I didn't lose the opportunity to capture it. The RC was carrying a small video camera capturing all what has been happening during the RC Airshow.

    The first photo is the original copy, which you can see houses and electric lines and post in the distant, which I thought could be a distraction to the picture. So I did some patches on the second photo and blurred the tall grasses. What do you think? I hope I did the right thing.


    Quadcopter Flyer


    Quadcopter Flyer

    Thanks for viewing.
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    Re: Quadcopter Flyer

    Quote Originally Posted by jupiterlush View Post
    What do you think? I hope I did the right thing.
    If you like it, then you did the right thing. Simple as that.

    I agree that the original did need quite a bot of work done on it. The young man and the Quadcopter were getting lost amid the clutter of everything else in the frame.

    You have perhaps gone a little further in your editing than I would have chosen to do. But that is a matter of personal opinion. I do feel you have now given the horizon line an unnatural hard edge. I think I would be tempted to soften that to make it look more natural.

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    Re: Quadcopter Flyer

    Thank you Donald Sir for your suggestion and yes I like it.

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