Red River Paper has posted a review of the new Epson R2000 printer at One of the features noted is a new "Job Settings" function that prints out all your file and print information in the border of the print.

I've been wrestling with a way to do this, either automatically out of Photoshop or just putting written notes that can be understood a year later on the print, for quite a while and admit I don't have a good procedure yet. This would be a very useful feature.

Useful enough to swap out my current printer and ink stock? Lem'me think about it a while.

From Review:
One interesting new option is the Job Settings feature. By checking the Job Settings box then clicking the Details button, you will be presented with the menu at right.

Your print will then contain all of the information you've selected. As you can see below, this print was made on a 5x7 sheet of paper with a 4x6 image. The detail information fits nicely at the top.

For those who like to record settings for future use, or just like to know what settings work, the Job Settings feature should be a welcome addition.