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Thread: scotish festival

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    scotish festival

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    Re: scotish festival

    Like I said in the post on your other image earlier today, if you read through the tutorial on posting images available from the HELP/Rules tab above, you'll be guided in how to post images correctly onto the site. If you need any help with this, just let us know.

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    Thanks for posting...

    Hi Beesmommy...

    Thanks for posting. We have the Highland Games and Meeting of the Clans each year in Vista, California which is less than a hours drive from my house. I forgot about the event last year and missed it. It is scheduled for the middle of June.

    I also learned that there is a Scotsfest in Costa Mesa, California planned for our Memorial day Weekend, May 28-29th. This is less than two hours from my home.

    I had not heard of the Scotsfest but, I am interested in attending. The Vista event, held in mid-June is usually pretty hot. Costa Mesa at the end of May might be a lot cooler.

    These Scottish events are not only picturesque but, important for me. I have recently definitively pinned down my Scottish Heritage. My ancestors are some pretty notable Scots; including Kings David and Robert the Bruce. One of my ancestors was William "Braveheart" Wallace's Flag Bearer.

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