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Thread: frst try with longer exposure

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    frst try with longer exposure

    This was my first try at trying to get that"cottoncandy/milky"water look. I used a tripod and a shutter release cable.
    Pentax K100D
    f/25 @ .8sec.
    no flash
    focal length: 34mm
    Taken in The Northrup Tropical Room at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

    any and all c&c welcome. Thanks, Joe

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    Re: frst try with longer exposure


    Well done. It all comes down to a matter of personal taste and, for me, I'm not so keen on the very long shutter speeds that really turn the water very milky. The shutter speed you've used is what I prefer for this sort of image. It gives the blur, but does not lose all the detail and sense of vibrancy of tumbling water. But, of course, there will be some people who would've liked to see you using a slower shutter speed and some who will say you should have used a faster speed.

    In terms of the composition of the image, what you do well is set the water in context - all that foliage around about it. And you've got the whole thing exposed well.

    I wonder if there is too much foliage in proportion to the size of the waterfall; i.e. that we lose a bit of the sense of it being the main subject? For that reason I wonder if you had zoomed in a bit, or whether you do a crop on it now, in order to have some, but less of teh foliage in view, would make it a stronger image? In particular, I think you could maybe lose some of the foliage top and left and not lose the essential purpose of the image.

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