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Thread: Paul Graham - Revolutionary or Mediocrity

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    Paul Graham - Revolutionary or Mediocrity

    This article caught my eye. I must confess I am not sure what to make of these particularly the N.Ireland shots. Does this really break with convention or is it just a cop out. I suppose it goes against the grain in that the shots ignore the truism that successful image must have focal point and impact. What Graham is doing is asking us to hunt out the story from the almost hidden hints in his shots. I must admit that once I had collected the golden eggs I did get an uneasy feeling. It is not the same knee jerk emotion that is felt when you see those grainy b/w images of British soldiers dragging children about or teenage Irish girls toting FN FALs but the Graham images do leave me with an almost imperceptible sadness - and actually if you think about it that is far more in keeping with the everyday atmosphere than the outside in quick impact photo journalism that is ever present in most war zones.

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    Re: Paul Graham - Revolutionary or Mediocrity


    I'm sorry, I'm not sure if it is because I don't know yet a lot about photography or lack of British mood - probably both, more of the latter =D - but I didn't see anything to write home about in these pictures.
    But certainly it is more touching for those who live around =)

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