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Thread: Ddc/dis

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    Canon EOS 1100D DDC (18-55mm Lens)

    Canon EOS 1100D DIS (18-55mm Lens)

    What is the difference betwen DDC and DIS?

    Please clarify?



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    Re: Ddc/dis


    I haven't seen DDC or DIS being used and I do not know what they mean.

    It could be that one refers to the kit lens being the non-IS version and the other being the IS version. But you would need to check this. If there is a reasonable price difference between the two, then this may well be what it is.

    IS (Image Stabilisation) is Canon's term for the tool within lenses that allow you to hand-hold at shutter speeds much lower than would otherwise be the case. I don't understand the technicalities, but it helps you achieve a stable image that does not have movement blur. And it is great.

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    Re: Ddc/dis

    Spot on Donald - the DDC kit comes with the latest version of the EF-S 18-55mm while the DIS kit comes with the IS (Images Stabilised) version of the same lens.

    The standard UK kit will only be supplied as a DDC combination just as the EOS1000 is, Jessops have an exclusive combination with a grey body and the DIS lens.

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