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    Stacking Software

    Has anyone used both Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker?
    For macro and landscape use? Any preferences?

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    Re: Stacking Software

    I did briefly try both but couldn't get any success with either.

    Zerene wouldn't work with my computer, but I never bothered to find out why. A trial copy of Helicon worked but I found that I was getting excessively sharpened images.

    I think it was probably automatically sharpening each layer before and after stacking which was far too much; I never discovered how to reduce this problem. There didn't seem to be much in the way of Help files, or I couldn't find them.

    However, I know that some people do get good results with Helicon. The downside of that software, if I read the deal correctly, is that you have to pay an annual rental which works out expensive if you only use it occasionally.

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    Re: Stacking Software

    Of the two I have only used Helicon Focus. Currently on V5.1.28 X64 release 04/03/2011. I have a perpetual licence – one time only payment. I use Helicon for Macro only. I find it works well in the controlled environment of a studio – well OK – my kitchen table, on a tripod, cable release, mirror lock-up. See recent MiniComp entry “Tulip Time”. Outside I've tried capturing macro sequences with the camera mounted on a monopod – using machine gun mode and manually adjusting the focus point – near to far. Results are mixed and failing rate high. Best results are by gaining a little more depth of field – rather than trying for a full front to back sharp image. See example. Hope this helps.



    Stacking Software

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    rob marshall

    Re: Stacking Software

    I use Helicon and have a perpetual licence. It works very well, and I get very good results. Failure rate is very low. A lot depends on your technique for shooting. Recently I have been using CS5 for stacking, and find this is quicker to process, and the results seem just as accurate. See here The benefits of living with a botanist

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