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Thread: Holly and Kobe playing

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    Holly and Kobe playing

    Holly is our 55-pound (about 25 kilos) Goldendoodle (Golden retriever and Standard Poodle cross) and Kobe is a 5-pound (about 2.25 kilos) Maltese and English Cocker Spaniel cross. Kobe's mom, Amanda, came to us pregnant and after wandering the streets of a local city as a stray. Kobe was born about two weeks after we began fostering his mom. We are just guessing about Kobe's lineage based on what he looks like.

    Although Kobe looks like he could easily be Holly's son, they are not related. Kobe left today with his new family and I wanted to document how well they played together.

    Holly is gentle with all of our Maltese but, exceptionally gentle when playing with puppies. Kobe has known Holly all of his life and realizes that she would never hurt him. Even so, we always supervise the interaction between Holly and a puppy.

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    Re: Holly and Kobe playing

    That was delightful, Richard. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Holly and Kobe playing

    Awwwwwwww! They're SO cute!

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