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Thread: Panasonic GH2 Status

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    Panasonic GH2 Status

    I took the kids to Disney on Ice Saturday evening and my aging Minolta A2 reminded me of all the reasons I want to upgrade it to a GH2; fast focus, high ISO and great video. Alas, the GH2 is apparently still on hold for US release. I have trips to Death Valley and the Bahamas coming up; boy would I like to bring a better camera.

    Has anyone heard any reliable reports as to when this camera is going to be available? The last posts I can find on the web date back to November and report imager issues, but nothing reported since.

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    Re: Panasonic GH2 Status

    Amazon UK/warehouseexpress etc have them in stock for immediate dispatch so I don't see as how there can be an issue with them.

    I've sold them at Jessops with no problems reported back by customers.

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