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Thread: Cat fight

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    Cat fight

    When my cats play....they play dirty

    Cat fight
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    Re: Cat fight

    Hehehe, Scary! Welcome to CiC, Tobias.

    To help you upload your images here at CiC, you could try this procedure (I am also using Flickr and this is how I usually do it).

    1. Click the down arrow on the 'Share this' button.
    2. Select the 'BBCode' option
    3. Select the size you want to upload.
    4.Click inside the window where the image link is located (it should turn blue to inform you that it is highlighted and is going to be copied).
    4. Now, Press CTRL+C
    5. Go to your post at CiC and then Press CTRL+V. Your image is now linked to your post.

    Hope this helps.

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