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Thread: Alone on the ramp

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    Re: Alone on the ramp

    Thank you Kaskais, yet another picture that evokes emotions.

    Photographically it is to your normal high standards, although in an ideal world, I think it might have been better to have had the whole of the girls shadow in frame - just to complete that feeling of her isolation.

    Everything else contributes to the 'whole' image.

    Regards, Dave
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    Re: Alone on the ramp

    Kaskais, you sure have a very special style and I must say I like it!
    You seems to know effectively how to choose the right moment of the day to take full advantage of shadows, contributing to the 'silhouette' or 'shapes' subjects.

    I agree with restyshutter71 about the shadow (which I haven't noticed at first glance), thx rusty (I need to learn observing these kind of detail)

    Other than that, maybe just me, but what's up with the noise in the restangular shadow patterns? Is it just a rocky texture?

    Good job
    Btw, I love how you capture the sky and other 'emptiness'

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