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Thread: KLM Photo Shoot

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    KLM Photo Shoot

    KLM Photo Shoot

    KLM Photo Shoot

    KLM Photo Shoot

    One of my first "planned" photo shoots - critiques?

    ISO 400

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    Re: KLM Photo Shoot


    No1 You need to watch your backgrounds. The orange triangular thingy is distracting. It can be cloned out of course but better to omit it in the first place. The eyes could do with some sharpening. But a pleasing shot nonetheless.

    No 2 You have a beautifully natural model and this shot captures that perfectly.

    No 3 An unusual aspect. You need to avoid shooting angles that may not do justice to the model. The problem with upward or downward shots is that you will get features in sharp relief and here the top lip appears to split the face in two.

    Apart from the third image they look a little warm to me. I also think it may be worth trying these in b/w. No 2 in particular will lend itself nicely to b/w conversion.

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    Re: KLM Photo Shoot

    Hi Bert,
    Lovely model you have. One thing I learned is to move the light source off camera. This can be done with either bouncing the light or use an off camera flash. I may be wrong, but these pictures looks like they were shot using the on board flash. Shadow gives dimensions to the picture and on board flash removes all of it.

    My two cents.

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