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Thread: Trip the light fantastic

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    Trip the light fantastic

    I shot these macro shots today as part of my on-going fascination with lamps. All shot with Canon 60D and Sigma 105mm macro. All lamps are lit on full power.

    C&C welcome.

    Blue light district
    Trip the light fantastic

    EU madness
    Trip the light fantastic

    Replace any cracked This one was a bit tricky. The halogen light was very bright and I couldn't adjust the power level. In the end I took a meter reading for the brightest part of the bulb, then used the camera pop-up flash (they do have their uses) to light the body of the lamp.

    Trip the light fantastic

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    Re: Trip the light fantastic

    Quote Originally Posted by carregwen View Post
    Blue light district
    Trip the light fantastic
    This is my personal favourite from the set. I think it's because I see this object in a setting, albeit that setting is a black background. It's a lovely exploration of colour and the apparent simplicity has got a huge attraction. It's one of those you can stare at for ages.

    The presentation makes it as well; i.e. the framing.

    The second one I find is a too-overwhelming big block of light. I know that was what was intended and wonder if it needed to fill the whole frame rather than have the darkening portion right at the bottom.

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