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Thread: And so the day in the garden ended

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    And so the day in the garden ended

    Which of these two images works best? It is possible I didn't do a good enough post shot PS edit but even so, I can't seem to make up my mind as to which image holds the greatest attention, color or B&W.

    And so the day in the garden ended

    And so the day in the garden ended

    Evidently, it isn't holding anyone's attention...
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    Re: And so the day in the garden ended

    Hi Chris,

    I have been very busy lately and not much chance to comment or post but for me the first thing is the composition. I am not sure what the main subject is but I think it is the dead agapanthus flower.

    Working on that premise then the actual flower is too high in the shot and also too close to the top edge. Basically you have a stem that rises from the bottom and touches the top and effectively cuts the image in half. The ceramic/concrete statue or whatever in the background is too large and contrasty and draws your eye away from the flower. Again it touches the edge on the left and draws me out of the image.

    Possibly getting so close to the dead flower and photographing it will its tentacles reaching out in all directions would have been a better shot, particularly contrasted against the dark background. This shot is in no-man’s land – neither close enough to highlight the subject or far enough away to show what your subject in its location.

    So colour or black and white. I will reserve my judgement as the shot generally does not work for me. I am sure others will have contribution for you.

    The best way to learn is to keep taking images, post them here but also review, review and review and then in 6 months time look back and review all your images again. When reviewing get you crop tool and try different crops to see if there is a better image inside what you have already taken.

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