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Thread: Veteran's Day Parade 2010

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    Veteran's Day Parade 2010

    These decorated jeeps will begin a cross country tour aboard the USS Midway Museum and Memorial in San Diego, California on Memorial Day 2011 and will end up onboard the USS Antietam Museum and Memorial on September 10, 2011 (the day before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy)

    Veteran's Day Parade 2010

    The duplicates of the colorful jeep "skins" will be on sale during the tour. The jeeps will be driven by celebrities of all types including three past American Presidents. Scrapbooks will be compiled of the journey, with photos and signatures. The jeeps and scrapbooks will be auctioned off aboard the USS Antietam. All proceeds from the sale of the duplicate "skins" and the jeeps and scrapbooks will be donated to help wounded veterans.

    My wife, Judy, and I had the honor of riding in this jeep as I was selected to be one of the Grand Marshalls of the 2010 Veteran's Day Parade in San Diego. It was a wonderful (and somewhat tearful for me) experience as we rode behind the U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard and Band to lead the parade.

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    Re: Veteran's Day Parade 2010

    I have to say that you do this patriotic stuff so well over there. It should be quite some sight.

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