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Thread: A lotta Bull but how old?

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    A lotta Bull but how old?

    Today at the Bison Range. I had to stop on the road and back up to let this huge bison bull cross the road. Looked at it's kneecaps as it went a few feet in front of me. Hard to believe they can run 30 MPH.
    The brand 8 on the right rear is the year of it's birth so it could be
    : a 2 year old
    :a 12 year old
    : a 22 year old
    They change the position of the brand each decade and I did not get to ask but it looks like a healthy 12 year old bull.

    Coming up onto the road
    A lotta Bull but how old?

    Up the hill above me

    A lotta Bull but how old?

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    Re: A lotta Bull but how old?

    I would back up too if I saw this coming towards me.

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    More bull

    Plains Bison bull, Elk Island National Park, Alberta

    A lotta Bull but how old?

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