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Thread: Visually Showing Field of View on Photographs

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    Visually Showing Field of View on Photographs

    Hi I am looking for some advice........

    I work for a company producing architectural visualisations, we also produce verified views. This involves the combining of shifted photography with accurate 3D survey. We use 3D Studio Max to re-create the physical camera in a virtual space. The virtual camera is then used to render out images of the buildings, they are then inserted into the photography using Photoshop.

    The field of view of each camera is always different depending on lens etc etc. I would like to be able to illustrate visually on the final photography what the FOV of the photography is. Typical we use a wide angle len of 68deg but some people prefer to crop in to 40deg. I would like to overlay a ruler increments with 5 degs as a boarder around the image. This would allow the viewer to crop is to any size they like.

    Is there a known method of doing this? Could a script or action be used to build the boarder?

    Any help would be appreicated!

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    Re: Visually Showing Field of View on Photographs

    I don't know how to answer your question, but would just like to say welcome.

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