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Thread: Fx dx confusion

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    Fx dx confusion

    So currently I have a Nikon d90 and I am looking to purchase a macro lens. But I have been confused with this whole fx dx thing. I have been reading alot on other forums and some people are saying that a fx lens will fit on a dx but it will loose quality. I am aware that this is true when going from dx to fx but the other way around? anyway i would also love some suggestions about which lens to get. I want something versatile. I want to use it for mostly still photography like food. any suggestions would be great.

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    Re: Fx dx confusion.

    Hi Jason,

    I would stop frequenting those 'other forums' if I were you

    That's rubbish IMHO; your instinct is correct, an FX lens on a DX camera will only use the middle portion of the imaged circle, so you get to use the best bits. It will have less 'edge fall off' issues than the same lens used on an FX camera.

    If you are looking to use for food, my initial though was don't go too long on focal length, a 55 or 60mm maybe all you need. With something longer you'd have to shoot from further away and the perspective, on a plate of food, subliminally may be "at arms length" rather than "it's in front of me, let's tuck in". It would be interesting to see if someone that's actually has shot this kind of subject would suggest a 35mm (focal length) on DX to get the most natural perspective.

    However, for most other macro subjects, or portraiture, 60, 85 or 100/105 might be better and for insects; a 150/180/200mm is better still.


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