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Thread: A question about compact flash card

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    A question about compact flash card

    My camera Canon 40d. I only shoot in RAW format. I find when I shoot in continuous mode the RAW is slow in frame per second. Mine at present is an Extreme III flash memory card.
    Just reading from internet about Flash Cards with UDMA [Ultra Digital Memory Access?] transfer rates of 60MB/second.

    I find there is not much difference in price between the UDMA Flash Cards with 60GB/second & the Extreme IV Flash cards - size for size.

    Some old DSLR do not have the capability to maximise the latest technology that goes with UDMA Flash Card,as I understood- I may be wrong here.

    What should I go for a Flash Card with UDMA or an Extreme IV flash card?


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    Re: A question about compact flash card

    Hi Snowshine,

    It won't make any difference as the limiting factor is the camera, not the card. You should get up to 17 shots in a row before things start to slow down (check the buffer indicator) -- if it's less than that it could be because you have some additional options set, which can dramatically reduce the buffer capacity.

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    Re: A question about compact flash card

    You should consult Rob Galbraith's CF/SD card database. The relevant entry for the Canon 40D is

    It looks like the maximum transfer rate of the 40D is about 11 MB/s, so anything faster will be wasted.

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