We are fostering nine rescue Maltese puppies ranging in ages from newborn to 9-weeks old as well as four adult females. They came from a breeder who was in ill health and turned her dogs over to our American Maltese Association Rescue.

Holly, our 30 month old 65-pound Goldendoodle just loves puppies and enlists herself as a surrogate Auntie, providing love and affection to the little pups. Right now Holly kisses the pups through the wire of their pen. Even later, after we allow the pups out of their pen, Holly will go down on her haunches while playing so she won't inadvertently hurt one of them.

Holly, the Goldendoodle, and a Maltese puppy...

It's really great to have a dog as nice and gentle as our Goldendoodle but, that comes from the Golden Retriever/Poodle mixture. They are just the greatest dogs,