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Thread: HDR on Canon Rebel XSI 12.2MP DSLR

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    HDR on Canon Rebel XSI 12.2MP DSLR

    Hey everyone,

    I love photography of all sorts, but I am fairly new to the HDR photography world. I would love to do a little work with HDR, but I'm not really sure how I can do that with the camera that I have. It is a Canon Rebel XSI. I have found tutorials for how to do the bracket and auto exposure shooting with other Canon DSLRs but I can't seem to find any for this particular camera. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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    Re: HDR on Canon Rebel XSI 12.2MP DSLR

    Hi Scott,

    Welcome to the CiC forums from me, great to have you join us.

    I think the method proposed in the following thread is going to be close enough for you to use and after doing it a couple of times, will become quite quick and intuitive.

    Auto Exposure Bracketing with the Rebel XTi

    Despite the thread title, you end up doing it manually, but I suspect it's no great hassle for most subjects.


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