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Thread: More questions about filters - quality of filter sets

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    More questions about filters - quality of filter sets

    Your views welcomed.

    I'm looking to upgrade from Cokin ND Grads to Lee, not only because of quality but also to build a system that will work on the Tokina 11-16 (which the Cokin P system will not). I know I could go to Cokin Z, but want to see if my wallet will stretch to Lee (that other one that a certain person in the southern hemisphere writes about, is way out of my price bracket).

    I have just sent my usual supplier an e-mail. I would welcome your thoughts, so I can compare with whatever reply I get.

    "The soft resin filter set (0.3, 0.6 and 0.9) is 140. The 3 component elements of that set when priced seperately, come to 179. So, are the products in the set of the same quality as the 3 individual items, or are they something else?"

    I have read that 'sets' are of inferior quality. Do you know if this is the case?

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    Re: More questions about filters

    I use the Cokin Z and it works fine on my Tokina 11-16 (and everything else) Cost me about 150 for a kit - holder, and three ND grads. The holder is very sturdy and look the biz. The grads are still plastic, but they come in nice soft wallets, and the whole kit comes in a decent case. It's the old story isn't it - if I lined two shots up, one taken with brand A, and the other with brand B wou... well, you know the rest. I'd go for Lee if you are cash-rich, Cokin Z if cash-poor. Or you could do what Colin does and use an old cellophane toffee wrapper! (sarcasm smilie there)

    EDIT: That last bit might have been a joke.

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