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Thread: External Flash for D3s and tripod?? Recommendations ?

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    External Flash for D3s and tripod?? Recommendations ?

    Hey Everyone,

    I need a external flash for my d3s, I am not going to use the flash that often. Probably like once or twice a week or every two weeks, but I need one. I would like to stay below $450 on the flash, also if you can recommend me a good tripod, also below or $400....Will use it mostly for night photography....

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: External Flash for D3s and tripod?? Recommendations ?

    Hi ???,

    I guess with a job like that, your name is a secret but I digress (already )

    Regarding flash, the first that comes to mind are something like Nikon's SB600, SB800 or SB900 range, power and features increasing as you go up the price range. Sorry, I don't know how far up the range $450 gets you, certainly to the SB600 and probably the SB800. Or there are third party flashes, but these are likely to integrate less well automatically unless a dedicated interface is used.

    For general flash advice, there is a (two part) CiC tutorial:
    Camera Flash, Part 1: Light Quality & Appearance
    Camera Flash, Part 2: Flash Ratios & Exposure

    For general tripod advice, there is another CiC tutorial:
    Selecting & Using a Camera Tripod

    There is also a good thread on the topic; Best Tripod and head for stability

    Finally, you may find this CiC Techniques page useful:
    Intro & Common Obstacles in Night Photography


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    Re: External Flash for D3s and tripod?? Recommendations ?

    The Nikon SB-900 is about $450 - here and you shouldn't need anything better than that. I don't think there is much better than that. But have you considered the Nissin di866? I have seen several reviews that put it equal (and in several respects better) than the Nikon. For example it has a USB so you can download firmware upgrades when a new camera comes out. It has a slightly higher (60) GN than the Nikon which is 57, I think. It's about $300 here

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