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Thread: Lion chase.

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    Lion chase.

    My first post on this forum.

    Shot in Etosha, Namibia. 5d2. 300mm.

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    Re: Lion chase.

    I cant see the picture... Any clue why? I uploaded it. It said "success"

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    Re: Lion chase.

    There can be many reasons why your images don't appear. And anybody who says that it hasn't happened to them is a liar!

    Have a read of this first HELP THREAD: How can I post images here? and if you still have problems, come back and ask for more help. It won't be a big problem.

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    Re: Lion chase.

    Quote Originally Posted by sanjayfg View Post
    I cant see the picture... Any clue why? I uploaded it. It said "success"
    Ah, yes, that's when you're half done

    Geoff has put you on the right track, it was steps 6 here on that I suspect you omitted.

    Don't worry about it, as Geoff says, everyone has one problem or another, but once you have succeeded, it's generally plain sailing.

    You can re-open the post above with Edit Post link/button,
    then click the Go Advanced button, then scroll down a bit until you see the "Upload images via TinyPic" button.

    Then just follow steps 1 - 8 here;
    How to post pictures inline using TinyPic


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