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Thread: In the gutter

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    In the gutter

    Hi guys
    With ths one I had some eperiments with DOF. I don't have a really fast lens so this one is made with my Sigma 18-125mm with f/5.6. Luckily the gutter is about 4 meters long, so I could create that shallow DOF effect.

    I added a bit of vignettering and took the saturation out of the background to create this 'mood'.

    In the gutter

    What do you think about it?

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    Re: In the gutter

    I like it. I like the light and the way in which you've taken the colour out of the background. A clever idea.

    Do you think that cloning out the (?) lampost/think vertical object near the left-hand side in the background would help? Is it too distracting?

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