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Thread: Imported Lens or US manufactured?

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    Imported Lens or US manufactured?

    Is there a difference between a lens thats imported and one thats from the US? I noticed on the BH website that the imported lenses cost about 100 dollars less then the lenses from the US?

    Imported Lens

    US Lens

    I believe most lenses are made in Japan at least Nikon lenses? I could be wrong, I dont mind if its from Japan, but I dont want to get something manufactured in China.

    So is it worth going for the US rather imported lens?

    Thanks everyone

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    Have a guess :)

    Re: Imported Lens or US manufactured?

    All is revealed here.

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    Re: Imported Lens or US manufactured?

    Adorama also warrants their "gray market" gear for a 12 month period. However, although I have purchased from both Adorama and B&H, I cannot attest to the speed or quality of service.

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