In this thread, risingwolf has some nature shots, with some good-looking frames.

Walshy asked if the frames could be done in CS4, and risingwolf said that he did his using Helicon.

I did some experimenting with CS4, and was able to do something that I think looks pretty similar, so I thought I'd share the steps, in case anyone wants to use it.

Start with the image at the overall size you want it.

  1. Duplicate the background layer (I renamed it Image, because it's what will stay sharp in the inner part). This layer will be on top.
  2. Marquee select where you want the frame inner edge.
  3. Invert selection.
  4. Clear. This will allow the outer part of the frame to show through.
  5. Select the Background layer in the Layers panel, to make it the active layer.
  6. Apply a Gaussian blur filter, radius 2.0 pixels.
  7. Create a new Curves adjustment layer. This will automatically be inserted between the Background and Image layers, and will affect the Background (which will be the outer frame) only.
  8. Choose "Darker" from the curves pulldown list, then darken it (or lighten it) by hand, as desired.
  9. Right-click on the Image layer in the layers pane, and click "Blending Options..." In the blending panel, click on "stroke," and set color to white, and width to 1. Note: if you click on the checkbox, it doesn't give the stroke options. You have to click on the word.

Of course, you can change the blur, the amount of darkening in the Curves layer, and the width and color of the stroke around the inner image. And it could certainly be automated.

An example of a result of using the steps is below.


Interesting frame in CS4