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Thread: B&W Goose

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    B&W Goose

    What do you think of this b&w conversion, and what would you change? I still struggle with b&w, and want to get better at it.

    B&W Goose

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    Re: B&W Goose


    I love this BW version. The subject really stands out from the background (can you tell us more about the process you follow? and maybe the shot details from the camera?).

    The subject placement is good. Did you take any others with the birds complete reflection in it? would be good to compare and see which works best. Did you crop this one?

    Is the goose's head just outside of the depth of field or was it a slower shutter speed (or lack of sharpening...or excessive crop [I am not qualified to tell the difference])?

    Thanks for sharing this one
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