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Thread: Face Painting

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    Face Painting

    This past weekend our church had a small little community festival. Part of that was a face painting booth. This young girl was gracious enough to let me take her photo. There are some things in the background that I think are people and slightly distracting. Perhaps I can crop it to make them less distracting, I don't know. C&C always welcome.

    Face Painting

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    Re: Face Painting

    A couple of thoughts spring to mind Tim.

    1. Try shooting in portrait, rather than landscape format, that will give you more model and less background. A tight crop in post will eliminate much of the unwanted background.,; and

    2. The eye tends to be drawn to light colours, like the white background, which means that tends to be a bit distracting to the viewer, trying to eliminate that is likely going to help the image.

    3. You could also try adding a soft vignette in post (2nd picture) to tone down the white background.

    My 10 second crop effort looks like this:

    Face Painting

    Face Painting

    That being said, I like using white backgrounds, especially for female portraits, but those are against pure white backgrounds.
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