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Thread: New member question re D7000

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    New member question re D7000

    Hi, searching for information on why my D7000 won't bracket.
    When in CMS, Bracketing/flash e5 is not highlighted, but shows A/flash.
    Move and held down, popup shows, "not an option available at this setting"
    Push bracketing button and nothing comes up on the screens.
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    Re: New member question re D7000

    I have copied the above from the New Member introductory thread.

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    Re: New member question re D7000

    Wep: welcome to Cambridge in Colour, now it would be nice to be able to call you by your given name, so if you could go back into setting and add that it would help along with where you live on the planet as it helps telling you where to go easier, as it would be no good if you lived in save Iceland and we told you to go to a store in southern France.
    Now to you problem, go to pg. 109 of your manual, 5e set is to "AE" not "AE & Flash", now go to Item 2 on that page and work through your settings. Remember that is will not work in Auto and I believe that your ISO should not be set also to Auto.
    Now I also believe that you have to press the BKT button second time to cancel the Auto Exposure Bracketing function.



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