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Thread: September Stork

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    September Stork


    Went out last night with my Canon 60d with a 75-300 lens and found this stork hanging out at the pier who decided to pose. Having just purchased Lightroom and not having studied it am not comfortable at all with it yet. Somehow I exported these two files as TIFF files and did not even know it til I opened up Picassa. I am wondering if the TIFF export applied some edits as those two are darker than the original Raw files. I have done no edits to these files at all.(I think). I have the original raw files and am curious as to what version the forum thinks are better and what I can do to improve them.


    Tim Swanson

    Handheld Manual Mode Both

    In flight pic f5.6, focal length 198 ISO 3200
    Pier-f5.6 focal length 270 ISO 2500
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    Re: September Stork

    Nice ; please correct the tilt

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