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Thread: stars, airplanes and fireflies

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    stars, airplanes and fireflies

    71 30sec exposures stacked in ps and blended for startrails. light painting was done with a tactical flashlight. the green globs are fireflies.

    stars, airplanes and fireflies

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    Re: stars, airplanes and fireflies

    Hey there.

    I always like star trail photos. I think it's because I admire the dedication, and persistence of the photographer. Not to mention the sheer time it takes to create a single image. Then to add another technique, such as light painting, is quite bold. I think you've executed all of those technical aspects of the image well.

    What lacks here, in my personal opinion, is any real substance. The composition really doesn't offer anything to the viewer aside from the beautiful star trails. The structure isn't a strong enough presence to carry the image as the main subject.

    But good for you, definitely more patience than I would have! Nice shot!

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