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Thread: Attikus: impromptu model

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    Attikus: impromptu model

    hi all, i originally was going to try something else with glass wear but as i was testing a flash behind a white screen my cat jumped up onto the table as i pressed the shutter. And with a bit of processing i came up with this one:

    Attikus: impromptu model
    attikus silhouette by AllenLennon, on Flickr

    So, i thought to try my luck and turned on my other two flashes and see if he will stay, knowing my cat wouldnt stay in other times. But he surprised me and was able to pop off some shots, and i was in a hurry because i knew it wouldnt last which left me to neglect some aspects, and finally decided on this, incidentally it was the last shot before he jumped off.:

    Attikus: impromptu model
    attikus by AllenLennon, on Flickr
    Whats your thoughts

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    Re: Attikus: impromptu model

    HI Allen, I like the pose you caught with the silhouette. It seems to portray a quizzical "what are you doing" look to it with the head slightly tilted.
    The second image is good, maybe a little overexposed on the chest area and I would have liked to see the whole cat.
    Cheers mate, Greg

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