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Thread: Moon over the lake

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    Moon over the lake

    A couple shots of the moon and its reflection across the lake from last weekend.
    I would have liked to get some detail in the moon but couldn't figure out how to do that in a single shot

    C&C appreciated

    1.Moon over the lake

    2.Moon over the lake

    3.Moon over the lake

    4.Moon over the lake

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    Re: Moon over the lake

    Hi Jon

    #1 and #3 are a bit dark for my liking but #2 is very nice IMO. I like the composition and I think the image conveys a lovely peaceful mood. Technically there are a couple of issues with it - noise and also the red halo around the moon (it may have been like that but I suspect it's chromatic abberation). I don't know what ISO was used or how much lightening was done to the image, but noise reduction in software may be beneficial. You may also be able to do something with the chromatic abberation if you have suitable lens correction in your editing software.

    Nice shot though.


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    Re: Moon over the lake

    Your only hope for getting detail in the moon, Jon is by doing a merge of two shots with different settings. If handheld, you might have got away with a separate shot of the moon then pasted that in during editing.

    With regard to Dave's comment about #1 and #3. I wonder if cropping a fraction closer would reduce the apparent darkness. Do you need all that reflection in the water? Would a slight crop of the bottom and sides be worth considering? Maybe change the size ratio?

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