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Thread: Stately Tree

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    Stately Tree

    Hey I was out for a walk today and noticed this beauitful tree.. Then the barbed wire
    Stately Tree

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    Re: Stately Tree


    I can see why this scene attracted you but it is a really challenging mix. Bright sky, dark foreground and a filigree of shrubbery. I am not sure where the camera is metering but it is overcompensating for the bright sky (underexposing the trees). The purple haze on the fine trees is chromatic aberration (someone please correct me if I am wrong) and is difficult to avoid with all but the best hunks of glass. With my kit I try to avoid winter trees against bright skies and would have been tempted to close focus on the barbs against the dad grasses (chicken that I am). The good thing is you cannot learn the camera/lens limits until you try out these scenes. Somone like Colin will be able to give you muchmore helpful advice


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