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Thread: Pink Daisy

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    Pink Daisy

    I don't shot often flowers but yesterday, while working in my garden, I was attracted by this daisy and I couldn't resist. So I set aside the hoe and I took the camera.

    The quite strong wind did not help me in getting at least one sharp shot. This is the only processed images out of about ten...

    C&C are welcome


    Pink Daisy

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    Re: Pink Daisy

    It is so tempting to put down the gardening tools and pick up a camera instead.

    Getting good 'real life' flowers shots is often tricky. I usually allow for at least 90% rejects, and keep changing angles slightly. And every time I examine my shots, I realise there is something in the background which should be removed.

    Wind rock is certainly challenging for good focus. I did produce a short stake with some clothes pegs attached so I could support the stem and reduce this problem.

    In this case, I think the only changes I would make are to reduce the brightness of some background spots.

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