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Thread: Marlow Bridge in Spring Sunshine

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    Marlow Bridge in Spring Sunshine

    I have been out of action until now with a computer that wouldn't start and my 30D had become so dirty it had to send it away for professional cleaning. Glad to say computer now starts although camera is not back until the end of the week.

    Today has been exceptionally sunny so I took a bike ride down the Thames tow path to Temple Island Lock with my 300D, which I keep as a second body. I haven't used it for a while and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality it produced.

    This image was taken with a EF 70-300 mm lens and is made up of three portrait shots stitched in Panorama Factory and sized to A3.

    Marlow Bridge in Spring Sunshine

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    Re: Marlow Bridge in Spring Sunshine

    Nice Chris,

    Wish I wasn't at work today - I had grey yesterday off instead

    The only unfortunate issue is how the swans and geese are intent on leaving the scene, clearly they don't appreciate your status as the Marlow photographer

    A few bits of bread and they're anybodies


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