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Thread: Green Boat & Reservoir

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    Green Boat & Reservoir

    Lovely day for a stroll around the lake!

    Green Boat & Reservoir
    Green Boat by mathrobs, on Flickr

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    Re: Green Boat & Reservoir

    O.K. I'll go first.

    Hi Matt. An interesting shot with a pleasing colour range even the rope matches but the little bit of red may look better toned down or painted blue.(photo's never lie) The panorama format suits it. Did you take any shots with a bit more room on the right hand side. It is a pity that the tip of the boats bow is missing. If it is not your boat you should encourage a some local vandals to throw it in the water for you or leave it closer to the water. All the elements of some great shots with the boat and those reflections in the background.

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