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Thread: Wrinkles in muslin backgrounds

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    Wrinkles in muslin backgrounds

    I really dont like muslin because of the wrinkles associated with that type of background. Some muslin backgrounds are better than others in this respect, just as some muslin bedsheets will look better than others depending on their quality. I don't like buying muslin backgrounds from eBay because I have received some pretty poor quality muslins...

    I prefer to use a canvas BG because I have room to store it rolled up. However canvas backgrounds much over 6 feet (~ 2 meters) wide are really a PITA to transport and storage can be a problem for many people. Shipping charges can also add significantly to the price of a canvas BG.

    That is why I still occasionally use a muslin BG. I usually will store the muslin in a stuff bag rather than folded because the wrinkles are less obvious than the folded creases. It seems like using a larger than normal stuff bag will minimize the wrinkles.

    I will always try to knock my muslin backgrounds out of focus. However, that is not always possible.

    In the past, before I left home; I would toss a background into a clothes dryer along with a damp towel and a couple of sheets of fabric softener. That worked fairly well.

    However, lately my wife has been using a spray for our clothing, "Downey Wrinkle Releaser" A few sprays of this substance into the dryer really helps avoid wrinkles.

    I tried it on a muslin background. I shot several sprays into the dryer containing a dry background and then ran the dryer on "HIGH" for about ten minutes. The wrinkles were all pretty well gone.

    I also use a clothes steamer after the muslin is hung for the background - if I have an electric outlet near my setup. The combination of the steamer along with the "Downey Wrinkle Releaser", carrying the background in a stuff bag (if I have to transport it), and keeping the BG as far OOF as possible, will pretty well avoid the "unmade bed" look of many muslin backgrounds.

    BTW: There are many kinds and prices of clothes steamers available. I use a cheap and lightweight Norelco. The advantage of this steamer is that it is dual voltage and I can toss it into my suitcase when traveling anywhere. It does an nice job on clothes that have been wrinkled from packing in the suitcase!
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    Re: Wrinkles in muslin backgrounds

    Thanks for the tips. I use backgrounds rarely but on occasion have struggled with the wrinkles. Nice of you to share what you've found!

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