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Thread: Infrared Path

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    Infrared Path

    Hello, everyone! I have been waiting forever to take my infrared camera out for a spin. There was just not a whole lot of motivation or subject matter in the winter. We finally had a nice day and my wife and I went for a walk. Please keep in mind that I am a beginner and really would like constructive criticism or comments so that i can get better. One of the biggest problems I have had with IR pictures is overexposing them, then finding a lot of blown highlights in photoshop. Thanks in advance!

    Infrared Path

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    Re: Infrared Path

    Does the adapted camera give you any useful feedback through the histogram?

    If so that might be your best way of judging your exposures.

    It looks to me that a black to clear graduation on a Photoshop layer set to soft light mode would bring a lot more detail out in the top half of the picture.

    Give it a go, I think you will be surprised.

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