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Thread: New member: Advice sought re printing

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    New member: Advice sought re printing

    HI: My name is Terencio. I am delighted to have found this site.
    I hope some of you will be able to help me with printing enlarged images of an incredible Peruvian Artifact which is gold on top and on edges and quite small, one inch in height and one inch in width. On the bottom is an image of Indian etched in what I believe to be hard amber.
    Incredibly on both top and bottom, I have found out by accident that there are well over 100 images etched in both the gold and amber, including Machu Picchu with incredibly clear detail. These images are so micro, they can only be seen by photographing the artifact and then enlarging those photos in computer.
    What I hope you will be able to help me with is printing these enlarged images. When I attempt to do it, I get the original image and not the enlarged one.

    Also because the artifact is gold, it is very difficult to photograph it. I have had at least six people including a couple of "professionals" try without success. One person was able to do it, but she only photographed one side of the circular artifact.
    Maybe I can get some help with this, but first I want to be able to print out the enlarged images I can bring out in my computer.
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    Re: New member: Advice sought re printing

    The above was posted into the New Member thread. I have copied it here in the hope that more members who might be able to provide an answer, will see it.

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    Re: New member: Advice sought re printing

    Hi, you are saving the enlarged image as a separate file before trying to print it arnt you ? because some editing software will need you to do that or it will just print the whole image.

    we need a little more information to help you,

    can you post the image up here?
    what printer are you using
    what software are editing with and using to out put to the printer?

    If you can start with this im sure together we will be able to point you in the right direction.
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