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Thread: Hazelnut Bloom

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    Hazelnut Bloom

    Hazelnut Bloom

    I noticed these blooms on our Contorted Hazelnut tree as we were preparing to cut it down because it has an incurable blight. I grabbed my 100mmm Macro and tried some focus stacking as these are extremely tiny blossoms. Please CC any suggestions you may have as I have a limited time to try and get the most from this tree before it comes down and macro is very new to me.

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    Re: Hazelnut Bloom

    Jon. An interesting combination of objects and colors.

    I wonder if you could find a location to shoot where the yellow-green and bud were on a diagonal instead of being vertically aligned. I also wondered if you could move in closer so that the bud occupied a greater percentage of the image, which would increase its importance relative to the yellow-green part. The bud is quite interesting because of the tuft of red poking out the top and I would like to see more of it. Just a few thoughts for your consideration.

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